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Automatic high speed can sealing production line JF-F60-140 

Release Time:2022/3/15

Automatic high speed can sealing production line JF-F60-140

First, the scope of application

Used for sealing the shell and sealing fixed plate of rotary oil and diesel oil filter

Ii. Main Parameters:

1. Working efficiency: 20-45 adjustable per minute (note: the higher the product, the slower the speed)

2. Working scope: diameter of shell outer circle is 60mm -- 136mm;

Height: 50mm - 350mm;

Thickness: cover plate thickness 0.5mm-1.0mm Shell thickness 0.5mm-1.0mm

Iii. Main layout of equipment:

1. Feed conveying line - automatic high speed sealing machine - discharging conveying line group integrated;

Iv. Main body size of equipment:

1. Full length of equipment: 9.7m (TBD)

2. Feeding operation area: 6 meters, with craft board and lamp above the line. (The length can be more customized)

3. Tank sealing area of main engine: 0.9 m

4. Discharging operation area: 2 meters, with craft board and lamp above the line. (Thread head with ball bearing transition plate, linked to Party A's assembly line) (Length can be customized to customer requirements)

5. Inlet and outlet conveyor line width: total width 250

6. Conveyor belt distance from the ground: 890mm

7. The total height of the equipment is about 24000 mm

8. Equipment weight: about 2 tons

V. Material of main body of equipment:

1. Main frame: four columns with steel plate welding,

2. Host panel: steel plate with 4mm thick 304 stainless steel splicing,

3. Feeding table: imported Nylon MC plate 25mm thick integral carving milling (blue)

4. Work table accessories: all accessories are plated with hard chrome

5. Internal CAM: imported SKD11 material, wool after vacuum quenching line cutting

6. Clutch: imported SKD11 material, hard chrome plated after vacuum quenching

7. Host bearing: complete machine (Germany SKF and Germany FAG)

8. Segmentator: 12 station high precision segmentator imported from Taiwan

9. Edge sealing roller: material: imported From Japan Datong (DC53), surface TD complex processing, edge sealing color, high durability

Six, the main equipment electrical parts

1. Machine control: PLC control (Xinjie Electrical appliances)

2. Man-machine interface: 10 inch touch screen control (Kunlun)

3. Turntable splitter control: 1.5kW servo motor, servo motor driver control

4. Host motor power: 5.5kW (Nanjing Motor); Inverter control (Schneider)

5. Feed line: 0.37kW; Inverter control (Schneider)

6. Discharging conveying line: 0.25 kw; Inverter control (Schneider)

7. Pneumatic components: complete machine (Japan SMC)

8. Total power: 8 kw

9. Working pressure: 0.6mpa

Seven, protection device

There is any of the following fault alarm (host PLC automatic processing mode: automatic shutdown; The alarm light flashes, and the touch screen displays the alarm prompt and the solution.

(1) : low pressure alarm;

(2) : front protective door with open alarm;

(3) : automatic operation, the turntable is not in place alarm;

(4) : In the process of edge sealing, the product material jam alarm;

(5) : Feeding line inverter alarm;

(6) : Discharge conveying line inverter alarm;

(7) : spring overturned automatic detection alarm;

(8) : Spindle frequency converter alarm;

(9) : turntable servo alarm;

(10) : emergency stop alarm;

(11) : overrange alarm;

Eight, the main characteristics

1, this machine adopts electricity, gas combined control, by two CAM movement to complete the first roller (two) and the second roller (two) feed movement

2, CAM roller feeding movement by the cylinder according to the predetermined program of the workpiece feeding and returning a complete (CAM material structure: seiko characteristics)

3. The sealing roller is made of high speed steel H-9 alloy tool steel, which has high hardness after vacuum quenching, good abrasion and long service life

4. This machine uses imported divider to divide more accurately, so as to ensure the quality of sealing

5, this machine is automatic high speed sealing machine, feeding, sealing, blanking process are automatic cycle, without manual operation

6, failure alarm with text prompt. And automatic stop