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Anaerobic glue manual glue injection machine JF-YYJ-A8 

Release Time:2022/3/15

Anaerobic glue manual glue injection machine JF-YYJ-A8

one Range of application

Filter dense plate dispensing sealing tank and other use of anaerobic glue dispensing workpiece

Two, performance profile

1, JF-MB-A4 series glue machine is designed for glue and other liquids need quantitative circular supply occasions dispensing, gluing machine;

2, JF-MB-A4 series glue machine with glue machine and rotary table combined function, can carry out one or two points of single glue circular glue;

3, wide range of application, the maximum glue diameter can be customized;

4, X, Y, Z direction adjustable, with vertical coating and around the Y-axis 360O any Angle tilt coating function, suitable for circular plane, outside side, inside side linear coating;

5, cylinder lifting operation of dispensing system, easy to take and put the workpiece;

6, digital setting time, intuitive, convenient, adjustment range of 0.01s~99.99h;

7, specially added temperature control, can cope with the high concentration of glue and temperature below 30℃ glue sticky phenomenon;

8, can complete a single week or multiple weeks of complete glue coating;

9, the speed of the rotary table can be adjusted according to the needs of the workpiece and the amount of glue coating;

10, precision dispensing system to ensure that meet the requirements of high quality dispensing, dispensing valve suction function can prevent glue will not drip.

11, the left and right direction requirements can be customized;

Three, technical parameters

1, power supply: AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz;

2, power: maximum 420W

3, air source: 0.5~ 0.8mpa dry compressed air;

4, action mode: manual/automatic mode

5, action signal: foot switch;

6, applicable temperature range: 0℃~+45℃;

7, the machine weight: about 65kg.