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Anaerobic gelling machine 02 

Release Time:2018/12/14

Anaerobic gelling machine 02

Scope of application
Other work pieces using anaerobic glue dispensing, such as filter dense plate dispensing, sealing tank, etc.
Brief Introduction to Performance
1. JF-MB-A4 series glue dispensing machine is designed for situations where glue and other liquids need quantitative circumferential supply.
2. JF-MB-A4 series glue-coating machine has the function of glue-coating machine and turntable merging, which can carry out one or two points of single glue circular glue-coating.
3. The application scope is wide and the maximum coating diameter can be customized.
4. The direction of X, Y and Z can be adjusted. It has the function of vertical gluing and inclined gluing at any angle around Y axis 360o. It is suitable for linear gluing on circumferential plane, outer side and inner side.
5. The dispensing system for cylinder lifting operation is convenient for taking and placing workpieces.
6. Digital setting time is intuitive and convenient, and the adjustment range is 0.01s~99.99h.
7. Temperature control is added to cope with the phenomenon of glue stickiness when the concentration of glue is higher and the temperature is lower than 30 C.
8. Complete one-week or multi-week gluing.
9. The speed of turntable can be adjusted according to the need of workpiece and glue amount.
10. Precision dispensing system ensures high quality dispensing requirements. The backdraft function of dispensing valve can prevent glue from dripping.
11. Left and right direction requirements can be customized.
Technical parameters
1. Power supply: AC220V + 10%, 50/60Hz;
2. Power: maximum 420W
3. Gas source: 0.5-0.8 MPa dry compressed air;
4. Action mode: manual mode/automatic mode
5. Action signal: pedal switch;
6. Applicable temperature range: 0 +45.
7. The weight of the machine is about 65 kg.