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Ruian Jiefeng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of filter equipment. The company was founded in December 2012. Located in the east of ruian Automobile and motorcycle parts industrial base, Wenzhou city, Zhejiang Province, the geographical position is superior, convenient transportation, the company covers an area of 2430 square meters.

After long-term development, the company has begun to take shape. The company has a high-quality technical team, strong force, excellent product design and manufacturing, the number of existing employees 26, including mechanical engineers 2, electrical engineers 2, department management 8 people, through the continuous improvement of products, has won a large number of customers praise and praise. Design and develop non-standard automation equipment, factory unmanned, intelligent manufacturing, sales and so on.

The company set research and development, production, sales, service in one, the company has a group of professional service and technical personnel. Especially in the filter industry automation, safety, unmanned, intelligent manufacturing field of r & D and production has accumulated rich experience.

The following are some products developed by our company:

(1) Automatic high speed can sealing production line; Large models, small models, heavy;

(2) edge sealing screw plate anaerobic glue injection machine; Manual, semi-automatic manual feeding, automatic feeding;

(3) air tightness leak detection machine; (water inspection), automatic clamping, manual clamping;

(4) rotary full automatic screen printing machine; Monochrome, (ordinary ink), (UV ink);

(5) Automatic fuel injection machine before packaging;

(6) Paper core end cover hot glue automatic glue injection machine; Rotary type, push type, vibration plate automatic feeding type;

(7) Paper core end cover AB glue injection machine; Single head, double head, double color, a total of 20 kinds of models; Type of glue involved :(polyurethane) (epoxy resin)

(8) Automatic PU foaming machine, water cleaning; Large air filter type, air conditioning plate filter type;

(9) Fuel filter double-layer composite production line;

(10) Related to assembly of diesel filter and glue injection equipment, design and production of automatic production line, free of charge to provide on-site layout design and consulting services;

(11) Filter industrial equipment automation, filter automation engineering projects, etc.;


Jiefeng high quality products have been widely used in filter production, change the previous manual operation of low safety factor, numerous locks, slow speed, poor quality, low efficiency of backward production mode, greatly improve production capacity, reduce the cost of enterprises to make outstanding contributions.

We have a high-quality research and development engineering team, to better serve customers, the company continued to introduce Japan, Taiwan machinery manufacturing technology, and according to the actual situation in the industry, ongoing technological improvements and product updates, and make "jeefoo" the product has strong practicability, more stable performance and reasonable price, and can be effective for enterprises to reduce costs, improve efficiency, In today's fierce industry competition to advance in torrent.

The company in line with the "integrity-based, dedicated service" of the survival principle of innovation and development, and continue to cultivate a large number of outstanding professionals, can more quickly, more professional, more sincere at any time to provide you with better service.

Enterprise purpose: science and technology first, service first, honest and trustworthy.

Business philosophy: people-oriented, pioneering and innovative, down-to-earth.

Cultural concept: honest life, dependable work, return to society.

Goal: Based on Wenzhou, facing the whole country, to the world.


For a number of cooperation

At present, some famous customers include:

Weifang parker hannen Fen filtration system co., LTD., mahler, adden, cherry blossoms, ADR, Indonesian donaldson, hefei will fuel system co., LTD., Shanghai, columns and filter co., LTD., Sophie auto filter (chongqing) co., LTD., Sophie auto filter (Shanghai) co., LTD., Shanghai castle filter co., LTD., plain filter co., LTD , Guangxi Huayuan Filter Co., LTD., Anhui Phoenix Filter Co., LTD., Dingyuan Yili Group, Wuxi Weifu Group, Gaobo Group Co., LTD., Global Filter Co., LTD. & NBSP; Silver sea is group, sany, nanchang co., LTD., three righteousness and heat exchanging system filter co., LTD., langfang Kang Xing filter co., LTD., BB kingway filter titanium filter co., LTD., co., LTD., hebei double yu group, wins HuaBo group, deco, leopard king group, Hong Kong, China insurance group, jiaxing hedman filter co., LTD., in the can Source (Hubei) Group Co., LTD., Jiangxi Hende Technology, Zhejiang Fenghe, Fuqingsheng Group, and other well-known brands at home and abroad.